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Sea Me

An Audio Play
by Stephanie Dale

Our Vision

Doorway Theatre Company aims to tour high quality, new plays and accompanying workshops into art centres in the South West.

We wanted the company name to reflect the fact that  the majority of Doorway Theatre Company come from either Dorchester or Weymouth. It was also important that the company was seen as a way into theatre for people, either as participant or spectator. Hence, "Dor-wey." which became Doorway.

Who we are

Kevin Morris: Co-chair and Actor
David Lucas: Co-chair and Actor
Rowan Seymour: Publicist and Actor
Sue Wylie: Actor
Cath Rothman: Set Design
Lucy Allen: Set Design and Musician
Sonia Morris: Actor
Stephanie Dale: Playwright
Craig Besant:
Mike Goodchild:
Vince Jones:


We were founded in 2007 by:
Lucy Allen; James Barber; Craig Besant; Stephanie Dale; David Lucas; Kevin Morris; Rhiannon Morris; Sonia Morris; Cath Rothman; Rowan Seymour; Natalie Wakelin and Sue Wylie.

Grateful thanks to Barbara Jenkins for photography. Thanks also to Maggie Ansell and Anne Jonathan for their energy and ongoing support behind the scenes.