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Sea Me

An Audio Play
by Stephanie Dale

The KiteThe Kite, by Stephanie Dale

by Stephanie Dale

"Every day 600 people go missing in the UK"

The Kite was written in response to this quote from an article in The Guardian.

The double-time scale play is about what happens to the family of a young girl who disappears on her way home.

The Kite was staged at Bridport Arts Centre and The Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester in 2007.

Shelly - Natalie Wakelin
Mike -  Craig Besant
Corbin - David Lucas
Patrica - Rowan Seymour
Alan - Kevin Morris
Sam - Rhiannon Morris
Nina - Sue Wylie

Director James Barber
Stage Manager Lucy Allen
Set Design Cath Rothman
Lighting Roan Doyle

"Superbly written... reflecting a powerful, contemporary experience which reflects and echoes life as it is around us."